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Daughters of the Revolution | DOTR


    Blue Lilly Crochet Brass Chain


    Crochet Blue Starfish on Beaten Brass Chain


    Crochet Conch on Brass Beaten Chain


    Crochet Flower on Braided Cuff



    Crochet Flowers with Japanese Glass Beads, 18k Gold Plated Chains


    Crochet Goldfish on Turquoise Magnetic Coil


    Crochet Jellyfish on Beaten Silver Magnetic Coil


    Crochet White Lily on Magnetic Coil


    Heart Crochet Pompom Pearl Chain


    Mother of Pearl Whale-Tail on Braided Cord Bracelet


    Peranakan Chain Gold-Fill 16 inch with Toggle Clasp


    Swarovski Crystal Starfish on Beaten Brass Chain


    Daughters of the Revolution

    Empowering the next generation of 21st century heroines