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Daughters of the Revolution | DOTR


     As you well know, there’s a war going on. And once again, innocent women and children are on the receiving end, with emotional battle scars that will last generations.I was brought up to believe to do our bit to help. No matter how small an act and even if I am the only one.

    But what if it can be amplified and magnified by a humane generation who want to do good?

    I’ve illustrated a series of NFTs that depict the bravery, resilience and hope using Ukrainian National colours, flowers and symbols. There is a limited drop of 1,000 with the option of having them printed on T-shirts. It’s illustrated in the style of self-belief is the best middle finger to oppression. 

    All proceeds (after costs are deducted) will be donated, not pledged, to the Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore. 

    Daughters of the Revolution

    Empowering the next generation of 21st century heroines