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    The Love Letter collection

    Peranakan girls would hide love letters in Love letter biscuits to give to boys. This collection was modelled after these love letters, but instead its a gift of love to yourself. Self love breeds self confidence. Give yourself the gift of self love. 

    Forged in 925 silver and plated in 18k gold these pieces are directly inspired by the Love Letter biscuits. These are rendered in 3D CADCAM format and handmade by local craftsmen. In 2020, the Love Letter Collection was fully funded by 300% on Kickstarter.

    Love Letter Triangle Charm


    Peranakan Filigree chain


    Beaten Chain with Sailor Clasp


    Love Letter Earcuff


    Love Letter Tessellation Charm


    Love Letter Necklace


    Love Letter Ring


    Daughters of the Revolution

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